When Violet Evergarden took things up a notch


Violet Evergarden! The Anime which we all enjoyed watching last year! It had a great plot and it’s art style had nothing to complain about. It even qualified as an actual Isekai without any RPG Elements in it. As usual something you can expect from Kyoto Animations!

Unless you were living under a rock, everyone know the plot of Violet Evergarden. If you don’t I highly recommend you to know it and watch it as well.

Violet Evergarden was set in a fictional world where a Great War finally came to end after 4 years of conflict. With the end of the war and Violet retired due to her injuries, she goes on to become a ghost writer. The series actually comes up with it’s own language without using your usual Japanese or English.

Tamil and Violet Evergarden

And this is where the fun part comes! Users at r/Anime, digged around with the information they had to carefully decipher the language. This is where something interesting happens!

The people who were deciphering the language made several trail and error attempts to figure out how the text in the Anime could give contextual meaning. It seems a user in r/Violet Evergarden’s Discord server suggested Tamil!!

All of a sudden what seemed to be random gibberish text started to make sense! The deciphers first converted the text in Violet Evergarden to English and then compared the word formation and patterns in the text. Apparently, The text made total sense when paired with it’s equivalent Tamil text based on context. The team were quick to name the language Nunkish! Since Nunki (Nandri) was the 1st word they figured out.

They provided everyone with the conversion tools to find meaning for everything! I tested the above phrase and when translated it turned out to be ‘Naan Unnai Kadhalikaren’ which means ‘I Love You’ in Tamil.

This is something really special for Tamil Anime Fans! Although it was most probably a random easter egg by the studio, It really does makes us so happy to have Tamil in a Top Anime. I hereby happily scream 😉



  • Isekai is an Anime genre which means ‘Another World’ or simply ‘Fantasy’
  • The links for the research are below, feel free to check it out!
  • Part 1
  • Here’s the tool to convert Transliteration into Tamil

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