Spicy Anime Stickers for WhatsApp


[Update 7/11/18 9:10 AM] It’s time for people in Tamil Fandom to get their hands on the spiciest and best of Anime Stickers made by the developers at Tamil Fandom.This post will be updated regularly to feature new Sticker packs afterwards. DO NOTE THAT MOST ARE STILL IN BETA PHASE SO DON’T COMPLAIN IF SOMETHING IS BROKEN BUT NOTIFY THE DEV ABOUT THE BUG!

Incase you’re not on WhatsApp Beta wait till you get the update in the Stable version to taste the Stickerpacks

1. Otaku Nadu Stickers (TF.Club)

Fellow devs at TamilFandom are fast enough to develop Sticker packs as soon as the source code went live. This Sticker pack is made by Anush and Saran who are known by their tags Añúshmådz~ and Saran😎 respectively. They were quick to make the package with lot’s of individual sticker packs in it. Rejoice and behold it’s glory!

Get the apk here and look for this space for updates in the future! Check out V2 here

2. Anime Stickers by Satish

Satish , who is also known as Satish Emiya has made some sizziling Anime Stickers! It has quite the emojis in it! Although some are not working properly, They are great Anime Stickers nonetheless!

You can download the apk from here.

Download these fun stickers for your WhatsApp and have fun!! Stay tuned for more Tamil Fandom content in the future!

Update 7/11/18: http://otakunadu.co.nf has been created by the developers of the sticker packs! You can download the

So at the mean time go read how Tamil was added as a easter egg in Violet Evergarden here