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At Tamil Fandom, We wish to bring amazing content to the community members. So apart from articles, We will also be covering various other stuff which will be disclosed in the future ;). One such thing is sharing our experiences to the community whenever we visit realms of Geekdom in Tamil Nadu and further.So at this particular junction, I will be sharing my experience at Gamer Connect Coimbatore Event. It all started when I got a random notification popping in my feed. I clicked it of curiosity and the rest was history!

The Tamil Fandom is quite a large community. So news about the Con spread like wildfire within the community. Gamers in the Tamil Fandom community where the most excited. Especially the ones who reside in Coimbatore. It was a boon for them!


Gamer Connect Coimbatore is a landmark event for Tamil Gamers as it was the 1st event to be conducted by ‘The Gamer Connect’ in Tamil Nadu.It was equally special for Gamer Connect as Nvidia unveiled the latest in-line GPU RTX Series for the first time in South Asia by it’s South Asia Consumer Marketing head. Alienware also celebrated it’s 22nd Birthday!

Event Day

The Nvidia Gamer Connect was held on the 14th of October at Suguna Auditorium. I left home to enjoy the event by dawn. It was hell of a ride with one of my buddies who is also coming to the event constantly pestering me!

I reached the doors of the event just in time to check-in and witness the opening event, which is obviously the countdown! You can find a glimpse of me in the below picture and enjoy the countdown video!

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Soon after that, We began to explore the whole venue. I was lucky enough to play right after the event started! Many kinds of setups were available there. We got our hands on various gorgeous rigs! We played Crew 2, PUBG, FIFA 19, Tomb Raider, Fortnite and good old Tekken. I have included pictures of the gorgeous rigs which were available there

We also played a Rainbow Six Seige Squad match. Trust me it was the most hilarious match I ever played as we losed 3 out of 4 matches as none of my friends played it before. Reason? Friendly attack xD


This one is the main highlight of the event! The joy of being able to witness all it’s glory up close cannot be explained easily! Gamer Connect conducted on-stage games during the unveiling event. I can’t stop thinking about it even now

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Image may contain: textSavage Friends

One thing which really made me enjoy the event was my friends. I can’t believe how crazy they were. Friendly attacks, trying to sneak in private booths, pretending to be winners, flirting, you name it xD. Two of my friends were so hardcore they played 11 hours straight even after I left for home!


The fun didn’t end there! I met two members from Coimbatore Anime Club, enjoyed the Fortnite dance contest and more! All in all, I couldn’t complain much about the event. It made my day!. I am honestly looking forward for the next Gamer Connect in Coimbatore! You can expect more Blog posts like this in the future!

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