Tenki no Ko – How things unveiled themselves

Tenki no ko

A lot of things are going on in the Indian Anime Community right now. This has to do with the potential screening of Tenki no Ko (Weathering with you) in India. Maybe you’re pretty lost about the whole thing? Fear not! We will explain everything and break stuff for you 😉

This article will be updated whenever something concerned to the aforementioned topic happens, So let’s begin with the article.

Tenki no Ko

So for those who have no idea about what this is, Weathering with You (天気の子 Tenki no Ko, literally “Child of Weather”) is an upcoming Japanese animated film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films. He is the same man behind directing, the 2016 film Your Name. It is scheduled for release in Japan on 9th of July 2019, starring Kotaro Daigo and Nana Mori as the main leads.

The movie hints based on the trailer that it will be just as amazing as Your Name which was a critically acclaimed movie, grossing big bucks all over the world. The movie’s music is composed by RADWIMPS. The same people behind Your Name’s mind blowing music, which was literally the heart of ‘Your Name’. So there is high hopes for this movie.

So what is all the hype about?


Divishth Pancholi who goes by the alias Daniell Jackson, your typical teen, made the petition in Change.org’s website on his 16th birthday. On a private chat with us, he said that he saw a petition for Your Name’s screening in India didn’t even cross more than 600. After seeing it’s miserable condition, he was quick to feel that he should at least make one than regretting about not creating one for Tenki no Ko in the first place. So he created one

The petition had less than 400 before something crucial happened.

The Game Changer

Meanwhile AnimeTm Talks is an Indian YouTube channel focusing on you guessed it Anime! The YouTuber went on creating a video about this petition, hoping for something great to happen if he acts, and he did. The petition started to get traction due to his video! As of now his video has 27K views and it is likely to attract more people to sign the petition.

Just a day after the release of his video on the petition
i.e. April 11, The video amassed 4000 supporters. After two days, it doubled to 8000. By 16th of April it broke the 10K mark. As of the writing of this article, the petition has 21K signers.

Daniell shared with us that he is so honored for staring the petition and will try his best to get the movie here.

People’s voice

19 April 2019: A fan named Sonal approached many big personalities in Bollywood and people in the media industry, Her dedication is remarkable! Out of them Vasan Bala replied and asked a journalist if she could do something. Guess what! They reached out with their consultants to TOHO, and said we can hope for the best! Maybe we will have it a film fest or in the best case scenario, in theatres.

April 22 2019: AnimeTM Talks along with other major anime pages and content creators started the hashtag #IndiaWantsAnime campaign

Official Response

Yesterday i.e 18th of April, A Twitter user reached out to the director, Shinkai Makoto himself for releasing the movie in India. Consequently he replied!, He says that he would be very happy to release “Tenki no Ko” in India. He goes on saying that, he doesn’t have any power to get decide upon it, but promised to talk to his Distribution company. Therefore a lot of hype is in the community right now for the movie

Shinkai Makoto made another tweet on April 19, about the petition. He shares us that 20 thousand signs are more than enough to consider a release. He made it clear that it’s not certain yet. But thanked everyone for the enthusiasm.

April 23: An INOX executive approached Makoto Shinkai in his tweet expressing his willingness to air the movie!

April 25: Popular News Channel “Sun News” dedicated a segment on it’s “Pal Suvai Seithigal” program explaining to the masses on how young otaku-tachi are working hard to get the movie, the link to the video can be found here.

May 3: Makoto Shinkai-sensei replied to an Indian fan that, negotiations are going on right now and said that he will share with the Indian fans if something comes up!

Following it, News about Tenki no Ko movement reached NHK World News’ Imagine-nation

11 July: After months of inactivity, Tenki no Ko producer Genki Kawamura, said to Japan Today that they want to release the movie in India due to the immense support it got!

21 July: On this very day, Dragon Hindi X and AnimeTM Talks uploaded videos on the releasing of Tenki no Ko. They stated that the distributors in India, are confused about releasing Tenki no Ko or One Piece Stampede in India. So a poll was made! Both the polls saw Tenki no Ko as the victor.

Dragon Hindi X’s poll
AnimeTM Talks’ poll

8 August: Whixer announces the release of Tenki no Ko in India! This day will be seen as a landmark day in the history of Indian Anime Community! Whixer happily announced that Tenki no Ko will be releasing in India for sure and said that further news will reach people on August 12!!

A Huge Success!

10 August: Director Makoto Shinkai, PVR Cinemas and Tenki no Ko’s official twitter page announced the release of the movie on October 11!

This day is perhaps the most heart warming days of all! Tenki no Ko is getting an official release all over India! The hard work of countless number of people is finally heard! We at Tamil Fandom are perhaps the most delighted ❤ But effort shouldn’t stop here! The movie must become a hit for more Anime movies to come in India!

October 11 will be perhaps be another historical day for Indian Anime community. The most proactive generation of Indian anime fans will finally get what they wanted!!! I am so excited for this!!

Community Response

Known for his Infinity Anime Wars, Anime Mirchi expressed his happiness.

Other creators like KnowSenpai who is an emerging reviewer in the community also expressed his happiness for the news!

After the tweet about the petition, the creator of the petition told us that he might have hard time getting enough sleep and not have a mental breakdown!

In addition to everyone else, Yusuke whom I adored for making videos about Anime in India, years ago was happy as well seeing the tweet!

Nearly all the creators are thrilled about this as well! Our friends in messaging apps were also happy about the news! In addition, some even feel that it’s just about time for “The Golden Time of Anime” in India to begin.

We are thrilled as well! So much that we are writing an article on this!

The Media

April 19, 2019:The Crunchyroll Anime News Team published an article about this which can be found here.

What this means to everyone

2019 is truly a great year for Indian otaku-tachi, Dragon Ball Super Broly aired in theaters through the country and now this. The Indian Anime Community is connected more than ever now. People have started to come out and show their love for Anime. More Otaku-tachi are now recommending their friends Anime and this is nowhere near stopping.

It’s crucial times for the Indian community, to show the worth of the Indian market which is virtually untapped. It’s now in the hands out of fans in India to go out to the cinemas and watch the movie in the big screen. By doing so the production houses, and theater chains will
realize how much they can profit upon us. Which is a good thing as it will bring more Anime Movies to India. It’s a win-win situation. So my friends across the country, take this serious and go watch it if it comes out!

What’s your duty?

DBS Broly in our eyes as critics and creators, A testing of the waters which is India. Therefore Tenki no Ko will be a confirmation, to double check previous data and make sure it’s profitable.

To sum up, don’t just slack around in your home waiting for torrents. India is now in the Top 5 Countries using Crunchyroll, and this trend should continue for distributors of legal anime to notice, Consequently give us Indians the same level of content Americans get 😛

Also sign the petition if you haven’t! http://chng.it/mXqd9pXMbrtenkt

The day should come when we get Anime simulcasted to our TVs not just on streaming sites. So Let this community come together to make it a reality.

-A fellow weeb

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