9 Minor Details You Might Have Missed In Infinity War


1.Kenneth Branagh cameo

One of Kenneth Branagh’s lines from the film.

Thor 1 director is the voice actor for the opening lines of the film, which are an emergency broadcast from the Asgardian rescue ship.Kenneth Branagh the director of Thor(2011).An accomplished actor who has appeared in various films like Dunkirk, and is the voice behind the emergency alert on the Asgardian ship.

2.Morgan Stark

Morgan Stark on the way?

In New York and more precisely Central Park (perk perhaps :p), where Tony Stark and Pepper Potts go for a morning run.Tony talks about his dream and says he would’ve named his child as Morgan Stark after Pepper’s uncle.


A’lars the mentor.

This is an easy one and perhaps many of you spotted this immediately. When Red Skull says Thanos son of A’lars who is also referred to as the mentor and is the father of Thanos.


The wordings on the right
The sign on the right saying One way street.

The movie had foreshadowing regarding the impending doom at the end of the film.The most notable ones are the “we will deep fry your Kebab” and the “one way street”.


Tony getting stabbed.
The shard dissolves to Nano-particles allowing Tony to seal the wound.

Tony Stark’s new Bleeding edge armour had a lot of screen time and a lot of interesting things were not explained.The two notable ones being Tony’s sunglasses itself being nano-tech and the shard with which Thanos stabbed him with going back to nano-particles (well because nobody pulled it out ouch!).

6.The Mindstone

Vision using the mind stone to shoot a beam.

In the total 2 and half hours of the movie, Vision only uses the mindstone once.Although he claims that it communicates with him he only used it once against Corvus Glaive from the Black Order.

7.Thor and Groot

Thor speaks Groot yayyy.

This scene from the film tells us that Thor is in fact one of the higher beings to actually understand what Groot says. (or Groot language).He studied it in Asgard as an elective, and the only member who isn’t part of the Guardians to do so.

8.The Time stone

The star.
Is now the Time stone

Doctor Strange gave away the Time Stone to save Tony Stark, near the end of the film, but where did he hide it?. IN PLAIN SIGHT, as a star in the sky.One of the brilliant MCU details.

9.Thanos armour

This was seen in more detail in the trailer of Endgame.

In the closing scene we see Thanos having fulfilled his destiny and watching the sun rise over a grateful universe. And we also see his armour in the corner functioning as a make-do Scarecrow. Yes Thanos is a farmer :).

I hope this article covered them all because we are all so excited for Endgame which releases on April 26th 2019.

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