Things you didn’t noticed in End Game


Things got real hot in Avengers End Game. So much so that, You might have missed these details in the movie. But fear not, We are here to explain about them for you.

Infinity Gauntlet

When Thanos gets his gauntlet, It was made and designed for his left hand. He later uses this gauntlet to snap half of the universe’s life. The way how the Infinity Gauntlet made reveals us something interesting. Which is the fact that Thanos is left-handed.

Whereas Tony Stark designs yet another Infinity Gauntlet for the right hand in End Game.

Which is later used by Hulk and Iron Man in the film to prevent Thanos from creating more chaos to the already miserable Universe.

Mystery Weapon

After the so-called “Time Heist”, Thanos invades Earth after learning about the happenings of Future. While he was at it, we witness Thanos having a mystery weapon.

This weapon is made of an element or material so hard and durable, it even made “Vibranium” pale in comparison. It was able to break Captain America’s shield with ease. This rises the question about an unknown material or metal which is better than Vibranium in every possible way. Though, one can assume that this unknown metal or material shares similarities to Thor’s hammer.


If you’re a hardcore Marvel fan, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.


This is Harley. If one remembers correctly, He was the kid who helped Tony Stark while he was in Tennessee, in Iron Man 3. Since he was shown in the Funeral scene, There is a good chance that he could be the next Iron Man.

From the Spiderman Far From Home, We can see Peter Parker doing what Iron Man should be doing. He brings up about the successor of Iron Man by stating that “The world needs the next Iron Man”. So one can assume this kid to be the next Iron Man since he is a genius kid of his own kind. Only time will tell what’s in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The Kid in the far right is Harley